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Why donate to help Nepal earthquake victims through AVA?

100% of your donation will go directly to Nepal when you give through AVA. We will never spend your donated money on administration fees or paying high western wages.

How does AVA keep overhead costs so low? 

We do everything we can to keep overhead costs low so as much money as possible goes directly to our projects overseas. AVA is run entirely by passionate hardworking unpaid volunteers and we never spend money on advertising or external fundraising.

Even with low overhead, how does AVA spend 100% of donations on programs overseas?

AVA does of course have some costs that cannot be avoided such as bank fees. The money for these costs come out of the registration fees paid by volunteers, never from donations. Last year 7% of our expenditures went to non-charitable spending. All money left over from registration fees also goes to projects overseas. Last year 30% of our revenue came from donations and 70% came from registration fees.

I've seen your ads on Google. Where does that money come from?

AVA is the recipient of a Google grant which allows us to spend up to $10,000 on ad-words campaigns every month.

Will AVA sell my contact information or give it to other organizations?

AVA will never sell your information or give it to any other charities or partner organizations. We will never send you junk mail or call you at home asking for more money.

AVA is not a first response charity so how will my donation help?

While AVA is not set up for first response efforts that doesn’t mean we can’t make a big impact. Nepal is starting to stabilize now and a lot of the first response aid has reached Nepal or is on its way. It will take years to rebuild the homes and replace what was lost in the earthquake and AVA will be there to help with this process.

Why should I donate through AVA instead of larger more widely known charities?

There are lots of great charities that will be helping with disaster relief in Nepal and we believe we can all work together to accomplish our common goals. We strongly suggest you make sure your money will be spent in Nepal and not on high Western wages, external fundraisers or advertising. You can easily check specific Canadian charities by searching here:

Is my donation tax-deductible?

AVA is a Canadian registered charity. All Canadian donations will receive a tax receipt by mail.