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For information on how to volunteer in Nepal please email us at  Please look over the prices and list of costs your are responsible for yourself before you contact us here.

Where Will I Live in Nepal While I Volunteer?

Volunteers will be placed with a local family close to their project. You will have your own room with a lock on the door, clean drinking water and 2 meals a day. Our host families are used to having volunteers stay in their houses and will treat you as one of the family. This is a great way to learn about Nepali culture and experience first hand what life is like in Nepal. Placing volunteers with host families is also good for the economy and a great way for locals to learn about your culture as well. 

Volunteer Feedback: "My host family was really friendly and proud to show their habits and we used to laugh together very often." Chiara, Italy

Orphanage Volunteer Placement

This is a very rewarding volunteer opportunity. It can also be emotionally challenging. You will be acting as a big sister or brother to the children in the orphanage. You will help them get ready for school in the mornings, help with homework and play with them. You may help with cleaning and cooking and other day to day practices.

Volunteer Feedback: "I loved just being with the children, taking them to school and helping them in whatever they needed. To form such a bond with the children so quicly was extremely beneficial for both myself and the children. I got particularly close to the youngest child, Muna, who was unfortunately sick when I was there which made it even harder to leave her." Katherine, UK

Teaching English Volunteer Placement

In the Nepal teaching English program you will be placed in a local school to teach children to speak, read and write English. You do not need any formal training for this program. We can place you in a school with text books or in a school with little structure depending on what you are looking for. Teaching English is a very challenging program with amazing rewards.

The schools do not have many resources for you to work with. You will be teaching in a bare room with only a chalk board or a white board. We recommend you bring along any teaching supplies you feel will help. Large book stores have a great selection of teaching supplies including Q cards and short stories with related questions placed on cards for convenient travel. It is greatly appreciated if you are able to leave any teaching supplies at your school or with our partner organization for future volunteers to use.

Schools in Nepal are closed for holidays from January 1st - 31st, June 1st to 15th and April 1st to 15th. These dates are approximate. Children in Nepal go to school 6 days a week.

Volunteer Feedback: "...we are back from our wonderful and unforgettable trip. Lots of impressions, feelings, new experiences and emotions after meeting and parting with new people who suddenly became your friends and part of your life. I was extremely impressed to see how eager the kids were to learn new things, how really talented some of them were and how delighted they were to show their skills and even teach us, grown-ups: dancing, drawing, performing, singing." Irina, Sweden

Healthy Living Volunteer Placement

The healthy living program is geared towards volunteers who have some experience in health care. Volunteers may be working on a variety of projects. Volunteers will help take care of any children that are sick in the orphanages in the area. These duties may vary depending on your experience and the specific needs of each child. You may also be asked to teach about First Aid to students, teachers and local parents. Volunteers may also give seminars to schools and orphanages about hygiene, health and nutrition.

We are also looking for volunteers who are interested in working in a home for disabled children. People with experience in physiotherapy would be excellent for this opportunity. We welcome anyone with an interest in working with disabled children to apply.

Health projects do not have many resources. If you have any resources which might help with seminars please bring it with you. Health volunteers may also want to bring such things as clean disposable rubber gloves or gauze, children's cold and flu medicine, pain and allergy medication. These kinds of materials are sometimes available at the pharmacy but the quality may not be superior.  

Volunteer Feedback: "I loved the disabled center. The people were welcoming and hospitable. The kids were challenging and rewarding to work for and I felt I made an impact. I was sad to leave and to only be there a short time. Laxmi was a wonderful teacher and I appreciated that she asked for suggestions and tried to involve me." Sabina, USA

Rebuilding Nepal Volunteer Placement

Our building program has been replaced with a rebuild & repair Nepal program for the foreseeable future. The focus of this program will be to repair and rebuild homes and other buildings that were damaged in the April 25th earthquake in Nepal.

For more information on this special program please visit our specifically designated webpage here.

Volunteer Feedback: "First off I would like to say that volunteering is very cool. It was my first time ever volunteering and global traveling. It was the most fun and exciting time I have ever had. I chose AVA as they were priced right and only sponsored in Nepal so if there was any trouble I could get 100% help getting out of it. The group that will pick you up at the airport are quite caring and mindful of the fact that you are new. Help would have been a call away as all the NEVHO group have cell phones. My time volunteering was worth more than the little amount (of money) spent." Jim, Canada

Culture Exchange Volunteer Placement

The culture exchange program is for volunteers who are looking to experience an exciting new culture. Volunteers will be placed with a host family in a small community just outside of Kathmandu. You will be given breakfast and dinner with your host family. 

Culture exchange volunteers may choose to take part in our training program which will offer you 9-13 hours of language training and important cultural differences to get you off to a good start. You will be given the chance to interact with local people which gives you the opportunity to learn about their culture and to teach them about yours. This will be an extremely rewarding experience you won’t soon forget.

All AVA volunteers take part in the cultural exchange program along with any other programs you are participating in. 

Volunteer Feedback: "My host family was just wonderful, very hospitable, open and warm. I felt myself home being with them." Irina, Sweden

Program Requirements

Volunteers for the Nepal Program must:

  •  be in general good health
  •  be able to tolerate heat
  •  be able to speak English fluently
  •  obtain a credible police check from your native country as you will be working closely with children
  •  be a mature individual
  •  be at least 16 years of age to travel alone in Nepal
  •  be accompanied by an adult if under 16 years of age
  •  have parental consent if under 18 years of age

Volunteers for the Teaching English Program must also:

  •  be available to volunteer for a minimum of 1 month
  •   be at least 18 years of age
  •   speak English as your first language

Festivals 2016

There are many festivals in Nepal every year which may give you a day or two off during your program. The biggest festival is Dashain which will take place from October 1st to October 15th 2016. Most of Nepal shuts down for these 2 full weeks including schools so volunteers should plan to take these 2 weeks off if they will be in Nepal at this time. Tihar is another major holiday in Nepal which closely follows Dashain from October 28th to November 1st 2016.