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For information about how to volunteer in Ghana please contact us at Please look over the prices and list of costs your are responsible for yourself before you contact us here.

New Project At A School For The Deaf In Ghana!

Do you know ASL or want to work with deaf children? Come volunteer in Ghana at a school for the deaf. The school houses from 280-320 children from the ages of 6 to 22 years old. Volunteers will assist a local teacher with options from Kindergarten to Junior High.

Subjects available include English, Math, Integrated Science, Social Studies and computer. There may also be opportunities to teach vocational classes such as practical tailoring, carpentry, catering or shoe & sandal making. If you have special skills or are interested in vocational classes please let us know ahead of time.

Classes officially start at the beginning of September but many students will arrive as late as the first week of October. This means you can start in early September but you may be spending time getting to know the kids for the first couple of weeks until classes resume normal scheduling the first week of October.

Volunteers will be placed with local host families close to the school where you can walk to school every day or take a shared taxi for about $0.50.

The school is closed for holidays from April to mid-May, end of July through the first week of September and over Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Volunteers are not required to know ASL.

Join us for this exciting new challenge and adventure in Ghana!

Volunteer Feedback: They shared with me how amazing they are to see a deaf woman travelled alone. I gave them a good example that any deaf person can be what they want to become. They really want to become succeed in their future.

Teaching Volunteer Placement In Ghana, West Africa

Many schools in Ghana are in desperate need of teachers to help give children the education they need to succeed in the future. As a teacher in Ghana you will help provide children with skills and confidence they need to grow into flourishing leaders of their communities as adults. Teaching can be challenging but also has exceptional rewards.

We have volunteer opportunities teaching English, math, science and/or computer skills.

Volunteers who wish to take part in the teaching program are not required to have any specific skills, education or experience but must be mature individuals who will be comfortable and confident teaching classes alone or assisting local teachers.

Volunteer Feedback: The students really inspired me. It’s amazing to see the motivation in students with learning new things and during their classes.

Orphanage Volunteer Placement In Ghana, West Africa

The Ghana orphanage program gives you the chance to work closely and form important relationships with children who need your help. You will live in a modest home with the children, help teach them life skills, play games with them, help with homework and chores and be deeply involved with their daily lives. Most importantly you will be there to offer these children much needed love and support at such a critical part of their lives.

Volunteers will get up in the morning with the children and help feed and get them ready for school. While the children are at school you can help staff with basic duties to keep the house running. When the children get home from school around 3:00 pm you will help with homework, play games and care for the children until bed time.

This volunteer opportunity gives you a chance to open your heart to children who deserve so much love and support.

Volunteer Feedback: I enjoyed the volunteer program and meeting great students and adults. I really enjoy when I get the opportunity to teach some of classes and arranged some activities. The surprise farewell performance was amazing and meant a lot to me and the other two volunteers from Holland.

Culture Exchange Volunteer Placement In Ghana, West Africa

The culture exchange program is for volunteers who are looking to experience an exciting new culture. Volunteers will be placed with a host family in Ho which is just outside of Accra. You will be given 2 meals a day with your host family, clean drinking water and your own room.

Culture exchange volunteers will take part in our 2 day training program which will give you information about the customs and culture and some basic language training to get you off to a good start. You will be given the chance to interact with local people which gives you the opportunity to learn about their culture and to teach them about yours. This will be an extremely rewarding experience you won’t soon forget.

Volunteer Feedback: I really ENJOYED my time throughout the volunteer program. Ghana is an amazing country and beautiful! I want to say MANY THANKS to Erin and Justice for giving me these great experiences and all of their great constant support throughout the program.

Where Will I Live While I Volunteer In Ghana?

Volunteers taking part in the teaching program in Ghana will be placed with a local host family. You will have your own room with a lock on the door, clean drinking water and 2 meals a day. Our host families will be happy to have you staying with them and will treat you as one of the family. This is a great way to learn about Ghanaian culture and experience firsthand what life is like in Ghana.

Orphanage volunteers will live in the home with the children giving you the opportunity to easily spend time with the children building strong relationships.

Placing volunteers with host families is also good for the economy and a great way for locals to learn about your culture as well.
Volunteer Feedback: I love my host family! They are really friendly people! They greeted me at each time they see me and checking on how I’m doing. They are my heroes when catching huge spider or lizard in my bedroom for me. J I miss them!

Program Requirements

Volunteers for the Ghana Program must:

  • be in general good health
  • be able to tolerate heat
  • be able to speak English fluently
  • obtain a credible police check from your native country as you will be working closely with children
  • be a mature individual
  • be at least 18 years of age or be accompanied by an adult

Volunteers for the Teaching Program must also:

  • be available to volunteer for a minimum of 1 month