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Is Volunteering In Nepal Affordable?

You may notice AVA is more affordable than other international volunteer organizations. We are dedicated to keeping the cost to volunteers down to assure this is affordable for everyone. Unfortunately, the prices we have listed pay for the minimum cost incurred by us while you are in Nepal so we do graciously accept all donations. We recommend fundraising to help you pay and will send you information on this once you have completed registration with us. 

Volunteer Feedback: "I have very positive impression of AVA via good and constructive communication with its President Erin Kieffer, her support and guidance." Irina, Sweden

Registration Fee

There is a $275.00 registration fee. This covers administration, marketing, fundraising and direct support to our partner organization in Nepal. It also helps us support our programs abroad.

All prices are listed in US funds.

Cost Of Volunteering In The Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Basic Volunteer Package
Including Cultural Training
Including 5 Days Of Training
Including 7 Days Of Training

2 weeks $419.00

2 weeks $502.00
2 weeks $577.00
2 weeks $627.00
4 weeks $529.00
4 weeks $612.00
4 weeks $687.00
4 weeks $737.00
8 weeks $749.00
8 weeks $832.00
8 weeks $907.00
8 weeks $957.00
12 weeks $969.00
12 weeks $1052.00
12 weeks $1127.00
12 weeks $1177.00
16 weeks $1189.00
16 weeks $1272.00
16 weeks $1347.00
16 weeks $1397.00
20 weeks $1409.00
20 weeks $1492.00
20 weeks $1567.00  
20 weeks $1617.00

*Each consecutive week volunteering in Nepal will cost $55.00. For example, 3 weeks of the basic volunteer package would cost $474.00.

View prices in your local currency.


We have designed 4 training options for volunteers to choose from. We highly recommend all volunteers take part in a minimum of the culture training unless you have previously been to Nepal. 

No Training
 Cultural Training
 5 Days Language & Cultural Training
 7 Days Language & Cuultural Training

This option is to not take part in any training. This is an option for anyone who is volunteering on a short time frame and doesn't want to use up a few days when they could be volunteering or for anyone who has already traveled in Nepal.

This gives you 3 days of training. This package gives you time to adjust to Nepal and learn about some very important cultural differences. You will learn things like how to use a squat toilet, how to properly eat with your hands and other important things that may save you from an awkward situation. During your training you will also go sight seeing with a guide to visit some of the interesting local sights. 
This program is the same as the Cultural Training program but it also gives you 9 hours of language training with a certified teacher. Nepali is a very simple language and the 9 hours gives you basic skills to help you communicate with local people in Nepal during your stay.
This program is again, the same as the Cultural Training program, and the 5 Day Language and Cultural Training program. You will receive 13 hours of language training and spend your extra 2 days in the village with your host family and be taken on extra excursions in the area for sight seeing. This program is geared towards long term volunteers and/or volunteers who would like to learn as much of the language as possible. It will also give you a little extra time to adjust to the Nepali way of life before you start your placement.

Volunteer Feedback: "I was nervous at 1st but Hari was a fabulous and patient teacher. He was good at reinforcing vocab and correcting me when I made mistakes. He made the training useful and applicable to my placement and I greatly looked forward to my lessons. I only wished I had had more! It's certainly a challenge but since we had only a short time I think it was arranged in the most logical and helpful way." Sabina, USA

Where Does My Money Go?

Your money covers your transportation while you are in Nepal. We will pick you up from the airport, to and from the training village and to and from your placement. It also covers supervision of the projects and staff coming to visit you while you are at your work site and home stay to make sure you are doing well.

Your fee also covers administration costs for our partner organization your host family receives payment for your accommodation, food and clean water. Money from each volunteer is put into a project fund to help pay for supplies.

Depending on what package you choose, training materials and a language teacher are provided. Also 2 - 3 nights in a hotel and meals are supplied for you while you are staying in Kathmandu and at your home stay during your training.

Other Costs Incurred

You will also be responsible to pay for your own flight, visa, traveler's health insurance, police report, vaccinations and airport tax. We recommend you bring an extra $25.00 a week for spending money. You may want to eat out and meet up with other volunteers on your weekends. You will most likely want to bring home some souvenirs as well. We also recommend you bring extra money and plan to do some traveling while you are in Nepal. You will find it very cheap in Nepal compared to your own country.

Cancellation Policy

If for some reason you are unable to keep your commitment to join us in Nepal you will be reimbursed your registration fee from AVA. In order for us to refund your money we will need written notice from you with your signature at the bottom. This must be received by AVA at least 60 days prior to your start date. The reason for this is we have financial commitments. You will be reimbursed the full amount minus any costs incurred by us. (Example: bank fees)


We would like to ask you, in the circumstance you are no longer able to volunteer, to donate some or your entire registration fee. You may not be able to volunteer at this time but you can still have a good effect on the people of Nepal. Any donation you make will make a difference and will be greatly appreciated.


Please send us a short letter notifying us if you are unable to volunteer. The letter should contain your full name, what program you were taking part in, your start and end date, the reason you are cancelling, your signature and how much, if any, of your registration fee you would like to donate.