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Completed Projects In Nepal

AVA volunteers helped build a water reserve in a rural village in Nepal. Every year at the end of the dry season there is a shortage of water which lasts until Monsoon starts again. Can you imagine not having any water? They need it to bath with, cook with and of course to drink. This project has been a huge success in making life easier for an entire village.

With the help of our volunteers AVA has completed the building of a toilet in a rural community in Nepal. The toilet is being used by several families in the area who until now, did not have access to one. They were forced to use what is called a "temporary toilet" which unfortunately is very common in Nepal. A "temporary toilet" is simply a hole in the ground with old plastic or tarps hung around it for limited privacy. The new community toilet will help stop the spread of disease and save lives.

Thank you to everyone who donated time or money to these very successful projects.

More Finished Toilet Projects!

AVA has completed 6 clean toilets at a government school in the Kathmandu Valley. By supplying clean toilets for the children we are helping to stop the spread of diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid and cholera among other life threatening diseases and conditions. More than 26,000 children die every day due to treatable and preventable causes such as diarrhea. This simple project is making a huge impact on this rural community. 

We also recently completed our frist eco friendly toilet which has been a huge success and we are being asked to supply more. We would like to thank everyone who donated and gave their time to this project. A special thank you to Bill Hutchins from Washington, DC who designed this building method and was kind enough to teach us. 

Special Projects

Help us continue to build eco friendly toilets at schools and community centers in rural Nepal. You can help by donating as little as $10.00 or you can donate an entire toilet for just $700.00!

Ongoing Projects

We are also raising money to put towards our regular projects. This includes our building, orphanage, teaching and healthy living programs. We need to pay for the supplies for the building projects and we donate items such as shoes, food, and school supplies to the orphanages and schools where we send volunteers.

We are keeping our volunteer prices as low as possible so everyone has the chance to experience volunteering in a foreign country. Unfortunately this means we don't have any extra money to put towards starting new projects so every donation is appreciated. A little can really go a long way towards making a less fortunate child smile!

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Action Volunteer Alliance is a Canadian Registered Charity. All Canadian donations will be issued a tax receipt. 

Special Thanks From Nepal

A special thank you from Nepal to our amazing volunteers. Thanks for all your love and hard work everyone!

We would like to give a special thanks to Melissa and her son Bailey from Australia for generously donating a solar water heater to New Creation Children's home in Nepal where they were volunteering. The children are very excited as they will now have hot water for showers. Hot water will also be a blessing as it will help control lice problems at the orphanage and help with general sterilization and cleanliness. Thank you for all your hard work and generosity Melissa and Bailey!