Action Volunteer Alliance

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About AVA

Our Mission:

Creating connections between people and communities in need to bring about social change and awareness through global volunteer exchanges.

Our Vision: 

To enlighten the world of the needs of developing countries, to create global partnerships to address these needs and make a positive difference to these communities.

Our Beginnings:

Action Volunteer Alliance began in March 2007. After volunteering in Nepal and Honduras Erin Kieffer, the founder and President, came home with a new view of the world. While in Nepal she saw the incredible impact volunteers make working overseas. She also realized what a difference it made in each of the volunteers lives. Erin knows first hand how expensive it is to volunteer overseas and decided to start AVA with the intention of providing affordable volunteer opportunities abroad. We are able to maintain this by fundraising for our projects and not paying high western salaries. We are run entirely by volunteers who are passionate about making the world a better place through international volunteer work.

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Volunteer Feedback: We had a very good experience, overall enjoyed ourselves. Our 2 weeks went by too fast. We'll be planning to come back next year! Christine, USA